Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Down To It

I am down to the wire on this job thing. Is there something less then wire? Like down to a molecular thread of that wire? If so, that's where I'm at.

I am literally and I mean literally, waiting for an email that could change everything is a single click of a button. It's kind of crazy. Vote now on America, does John stay in the game, or will his life alter drastically in the next 2 days! It's pretty fucking wild.

The funny thing is if I get this job, it's not going to stop the slide, simply slow it down for a brief period. I'll be making enough money to sort of survive as long as I plan to sell stuff on a monthly basis. But at least I'm still in the game and have the potential of getting on solid ground sooner rather that later.

Job predicament aside, I have a lot of friends in the same boat as me. They rent their abodes, they are single and can't seem to get a solid relationship going. Time keeps pushing forward with no real glimpse of any kind of success. Is it like that for a large number of the populace, or do I just hang out with a bunch of losers that I seem to fit in with? (No offense to any of my loser friends.) It makes me wonder if it's like hanging out with a bunch of drunks and addicts so you can't see your own problem. If everyone is in the same boat, might as well keep on paddling, right?

Life is pretty silly, the more I search for an answer, the more junk just piles up and makes finding any truth that much harder. No wonder the end of Lost sucked so hard. It basically says, "You die, the fucking end." Really? I never knew that. I figured playing my cards right would land me with an eternal life span and a kick ass set of place-mats for the dining room table. Thanks for the clue Lost.

I'm just going to keep on counting seconds. Gotta tell you though, one really good thing about being flat-ass broke, I can feel better about turning down the bums who ask for spare change. Take that homeless guy who is even less fortunate than me!